Easy Homemade Applesauce

Fall wouldn’t be Fall without making the maximum number of apple recipes manageable. That’s my theory anyway! This easy peasy applesauce recipe is a must-make this season. Hand-picked apples from the farm blended with cinnamon and brown sugar make this homemade applesauce just perfect.

Oh, the many ways you can enjoy applesauce

  • naked, plain, outta the jar, with a spoon
  • warmed up and drizzled over creamy vanilla ice cream
  • stirred into plain greek yogurt with a sprinkling of granola
  • topping or dipping sauce for Hanukkah potato latkes (that’s how I like mine!)
  • lower fat substitute for oil in brownies
  • baked into my Applesauce Cake!

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Easy Gluten-free, Nut-free Granola

Granola is a breakfast and snacking staple around here. And this version is ideal for paleo-ish folks like me who are looking for a delicious and easy gluten-free, easily customizable alternative to the pre-packaged brands. Bonus: It’s nut-free, too!

This recipe rocks! It combines healthy with sweet, a killer combo in my life, and it’s not one of those recipes you need to follow to the letter, also something that rocks. I’ve tried so many different kinds of granola out there – I find standard granola to be way too processed, sugary and calorie-laden. I find the Paleo versions of granola to also be too calorie-laden. I’m also not a huge fan of nuts or seeds period, let alone in my granola. So, I created my own granola recipe. And let me tell you, this one is awesome!

Here’s why this recipe rocks:

  1. It comes together quickly
  2. It will keep for a long time in your pantry
  3. It’s very customizable and versatile – breakfast, snack, plain, by the handful, over dairy-free yogurt, ice cream, fruit, you name it!
  4. It’s gluten-free, nut-free, and slightly sweet without any added refined sugar

Easy Gluten-free, Nut-Free Granola | kickassbaker.com #granola #paleoish #glutenfreegranola #nutfreegranola #glutenfree #nutfree #allergyfriendly #kickassbaker

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