Grilled Peaches with Honey and Ice Cream

grilled peaches with scoops of vanilla ice cream being drizzled with honey

Slice up some juicy, ripe peaches, pair them with a high-quality, fruity olive oil, get them smokey from a few minutes on the grill and you’ve got yourself one fine Summer dessert! Go the extra mile by topping the peaches with a scoop of ice cream and drizzle of honey and we’re in summertime heaven.




  1. Preheat grill to medium-high heat for at least 15 minutes
  2. Slice each peach in half. Remove and discard the pits
  3. Lightly brush each peach half with olive oil
  4. Place peaches on the grill, flesh side down for 4-5 minutes. You’ll know the peaches are done when the flesh releases easily from the grill. If you slide a spatula under the peaches and they are sticking to the grill, give them another minute and they should release more easily
  5. Remove from grill and serve immediately with a drizzle of honey and a scoop of ice cream



  • Grilled peaches are best served and consumed immediately

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