There are loads of different variations of ginger cookies out there. This one happens to be for crispy cookies versus soft and chewy ginger snap cookies.

All-purpose flour Kosher salt Baking soda Ground ginger Ground cinnamon Ground cloves  Unsalted butter  Sugar Dark brown sugar  Milk 

To achieve the crispy texture, a high ratio of granulated sugar is used in this recipe.

THE SCOOP ON EGGS This recipe is eggless. Eggs add structure, height and leavening to cookies. Adding only egg yolk would result in fudgier cookies while adding only egg whites would result in airier, cakey cookies.

If you prefer a chewy gingersnap recipe, substitute some of the sugar for brown sugar. Try ¾ cup sugar plus ½ cup dark brown sugar.

Using the flat bottom of a glass, press down gently on the hot cookies as soon as they are pulled from the oven, while they are sitting on the hot cookie tray.


brown sugar cookies