Churros are a wonderful invention. Fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar that’s crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. No utensils needed either. It’s a favorite Mexican dessert reminiscent of good ol’ American Summer fairs, carnivals and theme parks!

Traditional churros are fried and who wants to deal with frying or extra grease? I've got you!

Churro batter isn't hard to prepare but you do have to use some elbow grease as you incorporate the ingredients. 

I used a piping bag with a large star tip to create my churros. If you don't have a piping bag, add the batter to a large ziploc bag. 

Pipe about 6-inch churros and then use a kitchen shears to cut off the dough at the right spot. 

Brush melted butter over the churro dough before baking.

Dip baked churros in melted butter, then sprinkle cinnamon sugar mixture over each one before serving!