Dulce de Leche Scones

Let's elevate breakfast scones with the sweet, caramely goodness known as dulce de leche. I bring you, my friends, your new weekend breakfast indulgence - Dulce de Leche Scones.

Why You'll Love Dulce de Leche Scones The dulce de leche compliments the not too sweet scone This is not your dry and boring scone thanks to the frozen butter tricck!

– Sweetened condensed milk – Flour – Cake flour – Baking powder – Ground cinnamon – Salt – Unsalted butter – Heavy cream – Dark brown sugar – Egg yolks – Vanilla – Cinnamon chips – Sparkling sugar

You can make dulce de leche in a variety of ways but I prefer to empty the contents into a baking dish, add it to a water bath and bake it to perfection. It's consistently creamy and no stirring required.

Scones are wonderful for breakfast or brunch or mid-morning or mid-afternoon or late night snacks. These would perfect on Christmas morning or New Years Day morning in my opinion.

I hope you love dulce de leche as much as I do!