Red Velvet Cookies are indulgent and oh so gooey when fresh outta the oven. Filled with white chocolate chips, they are thick and perfectly chewy in the center.

Typically red velvet has cream cheese frosting on it to complement the flavor. Here, I used white chocolate chips which bring a sweetness to this cookie that goes oh-so-well.

Buy something called no-taste red gel food coloring so your cookies are not only edible but delicious. 

INGREDIENTS YOU WILL NEED: –Unsalted butter –Dark brown sugar –Sugar –Egg –Vanilla extract –Buttermilk –Vanilla –No taste red gel coloring –Cake flour –All-purpose flour –Cocoa powder –Baking soda –Baking powder –Salt –White chocolate chips

Pour the unused buttermilk into ice cub trays (be sure to shake it well before pouring), freeze, then store the frozen cubes in a ziplock bag in your freezer. 

Always stick a few extra chocolate chips into the top of your cookie dough balls before baking.

Enjoy Your Valentine's Day!