In case you need to hear this, these sweet muffins are perfectly A-OK to enjoy for breakfast!

Once you learn to make homemade dulce de leche, you'll want to bake it into all kinds of delicious baked goods!  

This muffin recipe is a really good alternative recipe for banana bread that uses up all those overripe bananas!

With a fair amount of dulce de leche swirled in, I think it's fair to say these banana muffins sit squarely on the border between muffin and cupcake!

Just like my other bakery-style muffins, these babies are large and in charge. They have beautifully domed muffin tops!

They are moist and sufficiently banana-y and caramel-y from the dulce de leche. I use oil and milk and sour cream all of which help these muffins turn out the perfect texture and height.  

Baking TIP: Top each muffin with a sprinkling of sparkling sugar for added texture before baking.   

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