Bourbon Cherry

Cheesecake  Ice Cream

This recipe starts and ends with bourbon cherries. The ice cream base is rich with an ultra creamy texture. And the finished product is topped with graham cracker crumbs mixed with brown butter and brown sugar. If you're looking for a cherry dessert, this bourbon cherry cheesecake ice cream is it!

This is a churn ice cream recipe that requires an ice cream maker. No sweetened condensed milk mixture is used in this recipe, which is typically found in no churn ice cream bases.


Bourbon Cherry Reduction Bing cherries  Sugar Lemon  Bourbon


Cheesecake Ice Cream Heavy cream Sugar Fine sea salt Egg yolks Cream cheese  Vanilla extract


Graham Cracker Crumble Unsalted butter Graham crackers Brown sugar Salt

If cherries are not available or affordable in your area, simply substitute for frozen cherries.

Prepare the cherry reduction. Let the cherries cook until thick and syrupy. The fruit will break down as it cooks, so no need to chop the cherries.

The hardest part is waiting for the base to chill so you can churn then indulge in the finished ice cream!

To top off this indulgent dessert, graham crackers are mixed with brown sugar and melted butter. This creates a crunchy, delightful graham cracker crumble topping that you'll surely be eating by the spoonful.

Bourbon Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream -  Enjoy 2 Scoops!