Salted  Honey Pie

Made with a homemade crust and filled with a creamy, not-too-sweet custard honey filling, and topped with a sprinkle of sea salt, this is sure to become a fave with your friends and family.

Why You'll Love Salted Honey Pie Sweet but not too sweet. It's a creamy custard pie.  Fresh honey is delicious in pie!

CRUST – Flour – Sugar – Salt – Unsalted butter – Ice Water FILLING – Unsalted butter – Sugar – Flour – Salt – Vanilla extract  – Honey – Eggs – Sour Cream – Apple Cider Vinegar – Flaky salt

The flaky sea salt on top adds the perfect contrast to the sweet filling for an absolutely divine bite of pie.

Blind bake this custard pie and use baking weights to make sure it doesn't puff up too much before adding the custard. You can put a pie shield on the pie if you are concerned about a dark crust, since we're essentially baking it twice.

You will find that you want to enjoy honey in more baked goods after trying this one!