Lemon Crinkle Cookies


I love to bake with lemon in the Spring and Summer, there's no doubt about it! Lemon is bright and citrusy and brings a pop of flavor that just makes people happy, plain and simple.

Why You'll Love Lemon Crinkle Cookies Ah, the crinkles! That texture on top not only makes the cookies look fun and inviting, it also helps give the cookies a nice bite to them.serving! These lemon cookies retain a nice chew on the inside, too.

Unsalted butter  Granulated sugar Vanilla extract Egg  Lemon zest  Fresh lemon juice  All-purpose flour Kosher salt Baking powder Baking soda Powdered sugar

Use the freshest ingredients possible. For this recipe, that means buying your lemons as close to when you'll be baking as possible. If you're lucky enough to have a farmer's market close by and open, buy them there the same day as you'll be baking.

Zest the lemons first then juice them. This may seem pretty obvious, but I can't tell you how many times I've cut into my lemons to start juicing them only to realize I needed to zest them first! Let my failures prevent you from making the same mistakes.

To extract the most juice from your lemons as possible, roll them on the counter before slicing them open. Put a little pressure on them while you're rolling, too.

Bake these cookies just until they begin to brown and the tops get that crinkly look. You don't want overly browned cookies here. Leave the cookies on the trays for at least 10 minutes after you remove them from the oven.

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