Sugar Cookies

You'll enjoy that this sugar cookie recipe doesn't call for any chill time. 

No-chill sugar cookie dough makes it possible to pull together these Pumpkin Sugar Cookies for that Halloween class party you forgot about or to bring to a friend's house when they decide last minute to have a Friendsgiving party.


Unsalted butter Sugar Pumpkin puree Vanilla extract Eggs Pumpkin pie spice Flour Baking powder Salt Dark chocolate

The dough for these Pumpkin Sugar Cookies will be sticky and very soft. Use a bench scraper to transfer the dough from the bowl to your countertop for rolling out.

When cutting out the cookies with a cookie cutter, it’s useful to dip the cutter into flour between each shape you cut out.

To easily lift and transfer your cut cookies off the counter and onto the cookie tray, use a thin metal spatula sprinkled lightly with flour.

Bake these Pumpkin Sugar Cookies just until set. This means the center of the cookies no longer look wet and the edges are just starting to turn golden brown.

Have fun decorating your festive cookies!