These homemade donuts are filled to the brim with rich, smooth, luxurious vanilla cream. Life just doesn't get any better than that.

Donut  Water Active dry yeast Sugar Eggs Unsalted butter Flour White rum Lemon zest Salt Vegetable oil Sugar

Vanilla Cream  Vanilla sugar Cornstarch Salt Eggs Whole milk Unsalted butter

You will be so happy you took the leap into home-frying these donuts - and so will your family and friends!

Make sure to have a candy thermometer for measuring and maintaining the temperature of your frying oil

You'll want a long-handled spider tool for placing the donuts into and removing them from the hot oil

PREPARATION IS KEY TO FRYING DONUTS. Place your oil into the dutch oven, clip the candy thermometer to the side and heat gradually over medium-low heat. While the oil is heating, don't stray too far away.

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