These popsicles are topped off with a simple graham cracker crumble. These Creamsicles with Graham Cracker Crumble are summer dessert perfection!

INGREDIENTS – Orange juice – Greek yogurt – Vanilla – Sugar – Unsalted butter – Graham crackers – Light brown sugar – Salt

A childhood favorite popsicle flavor is  the classic creamy orange flavor swirled with vanilla ice cream. In this easy recipe, the fresh flavor of classic creamy orange is paired with graham cracker crumbs, reminiscent of a buttery graham cracker pie crust.

No special trip to the boardwalk or even to the frozen aisle at the grocery store to enjoy these healthier verision of  flavorful popsicles

If you choose to forego a popsicle mold, you can use good ol' paper cups and popsicle sticks.

Ice cream bars make for easy recipes perfect on a hot day or for your next summer bbq.

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