Biscoff White Chocolate Saltine Toffee

We call these Biscoff White Chocolate Saltine Toffee Christmas Crack. It's a holiday time favorite treat and it's absolutely addictive! This holiday bark is also an easy recipe for a quick treat to gift to family and friends.

– Saltine crackers – Brown sugar – unsalted butter – Biscoff cookie butter – white chocolate baking bars – sprinkles 

If you're in need of a nut free option for your chocolate treats because you're allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, Biscoff seemed like an obvious choice as a nut-free substitute for the peanut butter.

Amazingly, the process of laying a base of saltine crackers on your baking tray, smothering them completely in melted butter and brown sugar, baking briefly then topping with melted Biscoff and white chocolate results in toffee perfection.

Expect to hear "can you make me some more??" when you share these!