INGREDIENTS Filtered water Whole milk Active dry yeast Sugar Eggs Bread flour All purpose flour Kosher salt Butter

These rolls are light and airy. And, they come together in just a few hours, so you can skip the extra run to the grocery store for hamburger buns and instead make your own in time for burger night!

You'll enjoy these burger buns because they are sturdy enough to hold up to a thick hamburger patty and all the fixings. Yet, they're light to balance out the heaviness of the burger.

Brioche dough tends to be heavy, as it's an enriched dough. These buns, however, are light brioche. So, you have an enriched dough with lots of flavor, but without the heaviness that typically comes along with brioche.

This recipe uses bread flour because it helps make the dough more elastic and light, resulting in a chewy and airy texture when baked.

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