Chocolate Madeleine Recipe

You're in for a treat! This Chocolate Madeleine recipe produces delightful little cake like cookies with that signature shell shape. These little French cakes are then dipped in chocolate for the perfect finish.

Why You'll Love Chocolate Madeleines – These fluffy chocolate madeleines are light, with just enough chocolate flavor and a soft, buttery taste – Slightly crisp exterior making for a satisfying bite – Perfect for displaying and serving!

All-purpose flour Unsweetened cocoa powder  Baking powder Eggs  Sugar Vanilla extract Salt Unsalted butter  Dark chocolate chopped

What's a Madeleine? It's a delightful, light French cake made in a special pan, or madeleine mold, that produces their unique shell shape on one side and a "bump" on the other side.

FUN FACT! We tend to refer to madeleines as cookies because you can pick one up and eat it just like a cookie, but technically they're considered cakes

Madeleines have a spongey and light texture. And, when dusted with confectioner's sugar or dipped in melted chocolate, as I've done here, they make for a perfect snack.

I highly recommend using a non-stick madeleine pan for making these madeleines. A non-stick pan will make the process of removing your baked chocolate madeleines way easier and with way less disappointment.

When you are whisking the eggs, sugar and vanilla, you will have the mixer running for a full 10 minutes at least before the desired consistency is achieved.

Chocolate Madeleine Recipe