Chocolate Hazelnut Hand Pies

Chocolate Hazelnut Hand Pies, made with a rough puff pastry, definitely does not sacrifice on those flaky layers or on that ultra-buttery flavor!

– Flour – Unsalted butter – Salt – Ice Water – Egg – Demerara sugar – Semi-sweet chocolate baking bars  – Heavy cream – Nutella

What is Rough Puff Pastry? Rough puff pastry is an easier, faster version of puff pastry that still allows us to achieve those iconic layers. The biggest difference between traditional puff pastry and rough puff pastry is the way the butter is incorporated.

What could be better than filling these buttery, flaky hand pies with a luscious, smooth chocolate hazelnut filling?

Traditional puff pastry is made using a large slab of butter enveloped in layers of dough. The dough and butter is rolled, folded, and chilled several times over.

Why is it necessary to freeze the butter and the dough each step of the way? At every step, your butter should be cold. The cold butter, when placed in the oven, will create steam, forming the flaky layers of dough we are looking for in this recipe.

Bring a smile to everyone's face when you share a Chocolate Hazelnut Hand Pie with them!