Enjoy a  muffin that’s healthy, containing gut-friendly kombucha plus everyone’s early morning fave, coffee.

unsalted butter espresso beans whole wheat flour baking soda kosher salt ground cinnamon espresso powder Greek yogurt honey coffee kombucha


This whole wheat muffin recipe is small-batch, making six perfect muffins for a week of delicious, nutritious breakfasts.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE THIS MUFFIN RECIPE No electric or stand mixer needed! No need to worry about getting ingredients to room temperature before starting either.

HOW TO AVOID LOSING  THAT COFFEE FLAVOR There is espresso powder plus strongly brewed coffee as well as cinnamon, which brings out the coffee flavor while creating a warm flavor in the muffins.

To highlight the coffee flavor even more, make coffee butter.

What Is Kombucha? it's a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, yeast, and bacteria. It's characterized by its effervence and claims of many health benefits.

Why Kombucha? The effervesce of these drinks is what's most important for these muffins, and gives them rise and lightness. They add health benefits such as probiotics and claims that it helps digestion, among other benefits.


Melt the butter, add espresso beans and allow it to steep 15 minutes.

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