Vietnamese Coffee Swiss Roll Cake

Swiss Roll cakes make for beautiful centerpieces with their light and fluffy cake swirls and thick layers of sweet filling. And a slice of this Vietnamese Coffee Swiss Roll Cake makes for a delicious bite after a big holiday meal.

INGREDIENTS  – Cake flour – Unsweetened Cocoa powder – Baking powder – Salt – Eggs – Vegetable oil – Hot brewed strong coffee – espresso powder – Cream of tartar

Vietnamese coffee is a contrast of flavors. Really strong flavors. These flavors marry in a deliciously amazing blend of bitter and sweet. You'll get introduced to that in this cake.

It's basically a thin sponge made with loads of whipped egg whites to keep it light and airy. The cake also needs to be sturdy enough to not tear when rolled. But, also not dry. This Vietnamese Coffee Swiss Roll Cake recipe checks all those boxes.

It's time to whip up the filling. And it's as easy as can be! Sweetened condensed milk whipped with butter. That's all!

Use a flour sack towel for your cake rolling. Do not use a thick or fluffy kitchen towel for this, as you do not want lint to stick to your Swiss roll cake.

Boost the espresso flavor of this Vietnamese Coffee-inspired dessert with espresso simple syrup. It is brushed on the cooled espresso cake once it's unrolled and prior to spreading the filling

Be sure to enjoy sharing this delicious treat!