The best part about Jerusalem Bagels is they're super easy to make at home!

Jerusalem Bagels are a bit different from regular NY-style bagels, as they are lighter and more bread-like in texture. They are also baked only, no boiling involved like with traditional bagel recipes.

This type of bagel is lighter and less dense than regular bagels. They are easier to make yourself at home, too. Keep in mind that bagels do take a little bit of time to make, as they are yeasted breads and require some time to rise.

Traditionally, Jerusalem Bagels have a sweet sesame topping. This topping is a mix of honey or sugar and sesame seeds. In my version here, I use Everything Bagel seasoning instead of the sweet sesame topping.

Jerusalem Bagels are best consumed the day they are made. Rip off a hunk and dip in good quality olive oil then sprinkle with zaatar seasoning. Or, you can slather in butter like a traditional New York-style bagel.

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