Apparently, no one really knows from where or when red velvet originated, but lemme tell ya, it doesn't matter much to me cuz it's delicious! I describe it as subtley chocolatey with just a slight taste from the buttermilk.

Of course, we cannot forget to talk about the distinctive red color in red velvet. In most recipes for red velvet, red food coloring is used. Do yourself a favor and buy something called no-taste red gel food coloring.

Unless you're gonna make tons of buttermilk pancakes before it expires, pour the unused buttermilk into ice cub trays, freeze, then store the frozen cubes in a ziplock bag in your freezer.

Always stick a few extra chocolate chips into the top of your cookie dough balls before baking. It makes the cookies look more appealing and adds more chips - who doesn't want more chips?!

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