This shortbread cookie dough has both granulated sugar to give the cookies crispness and powdered sugar to keep them tender on the inside. Butter is the star of the show in shortbread dough making for a rich flavor in the baked cookies.

This recipe needs to be chilled for only 30 minutes and yields 24 cookies.

This recipe takes just 10 minutes to prepare and uses simple ingredients making it perfect for beginner bakers. Shortbread dough can also be made ahead of time (up to one month!) allowing you to bake cookies when it's convenient for you

Slice and bake shortbread can be used to make round shape cookies, rectangular cookies or it can be rolled flat with a rolling pin to cut out using cookie cutters.

Use different extracts or flavorings, top with coarse sugar or sanding sugar for festive cookies for the holiday season, or dip in melted chocolate to make a variety of shortbread recipes

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