Weekend Bolognese Sauce

Comforting and rich, this homemade Bolognese Sauce paired with your fave pasta is everything you are looking for in a slow-cooked, weekend meal.

Why You'll Love Weekend Bolognese Sauce Slow cooked, perfect when you have time on the weekend, A simple hearty meal is what you crave after all the holiday meals. A big dollop of ricotta and you're ready to enjoy! You'll want leftovers so you have it the next day. 

– Unsalted butter – Onion – Celery – Carrot – Ground beef chuck – Ground pork – Black pepper – Whole milk – Whole nutmeg – Dry white wine – Tomato sauce – Fresh ricotta

You're going to take your time simmering down the layers in this Bolognese sauce. If your family isn't a fan of veggies, they won't find big chunks to filter out here but you'll still get them to be eaten.

This bolognese is best served piping hot, atop a pile of your favorite pasta

Enjoy every bite of this Italian dish!