One could never have enough varieties of chocolate chip cookies in their baking repertoire. I created a version of Milk Chocolate Toffee Cookies filled to the brim with large hunks of good quality milk chocolate and melty pools of homemade toffee.

Making your own toffee requires a few extra minutes but is so worthwhile! Mine is nut-free so it is safe for kiddos with allergies to enjoy. 

Typically, chocolate chip cookies use semi-sweet chocolate. The use of milk chocolate and toffee in this cookie makes for a brilliant contrast of flavors and textures.

The toffee melts while baking, creating beautiful caramely pools that aren't too sticky or sweet.

Even though the cookies get placed in the freezer for 30 minutes before baking, they still spread A LOT. They go in the fridge for 30 min before baking but you should use a round cookie cutter and shake it around the cookie as soon as it comes out of the oven to help reshape it.