Don't have sourdough starter? No problem! These soft pretzels can still be made with a simple substitution.

Many soft pretzel recipes involve boiling the pretzels and/or multiple proofs of the dough. This recipe has one proof only and no boiling! Less mess and less time.

This soft pretzel recipe also uses some sourdough discard. It does not make the pretzels taste sour by any means. If you don't have starter and aren't interested in establishing one for this recipe, I have a tip below for substituting.

There's inevitably a big debate that ensues when soft pretzels are made and consumed. Salt or no salt. Now, lemme tell ya, I am a big lover of pretzel salt.

This recipe calls for pretzel salt. Yes, there is such a thing. You can find it easily online, however, if you did not order in time, you can substitute for any coarse salt or even Maldon.

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