Conchas, which means “shell” in Spanish, are so named because of the decorative, crunchy layer sitting atop their light and airy bottom sweet bread layer.

Typically flavored naturally, these conchas incorporate freeze-dried strawberries to give them a beautiful pink hue and a delicious flavor. You will absolutely love these strawberry conchas.

They are so satisfying to bite into. With that crunchy topping and that bright pop of strawberry followed by the buttery soft, slightly sweet bread.

Although conchas aren't traditionally frosted, if you want to use up some of those dried strawberries and have a tasty topping to dip your conchas into as you serve it, try my strawberry marshmallow fluff.

There are many different ways to score the top of conchas. I used a small sharp paring knife and cut a shell pattern in the top by dragging my knife from one end of the topping to the other in 3-4 lines.  

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