With a layer of pecan crust, sweet potato pie filling and homemade marshmallow fluff, these sweet potato bars will be a winner on your holiday table.

The bottom layer is made of glazed pecans (plain can also be used) mixed with brown sugar and melted butter to form a simple pecan nut crust.

CRUST Pecans Brown sugar Unsalted butter Salt FILLING Mashed sweet potatoes Eggs Butter  Heavy cream Brown sugar Vanilla Cinnamon Nutmeg

MARSHMALLOW FLUFF Water Sugar Corn syrup Egg whites  Cream of tartar Salt Vanilla

The filling of these Sweet Potato Bars is a traditional sweet potato pie filling. I recommend using roasted sweet potatoes, however, canned can also be used.

The best part of these Sweet Potato Bars is that homemade marshmallow topping! If you haven't already noticed in the photos, this is also the thickest layer of these Thanksgiving dessert bars.

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