These homemade donuts are super easy to make, not overly sweet, and the kids will love them!

INGREDIENTS – Dry yeast – Sugar – Salt – Unsalted butter – Egg – Egg yolk – Vanilla – Flour – Heavy whipping cream – Semi-sweet chocolate chips – Canola oil

The recipe starts out with mixing an easy dough, letting it proof (rise) for a bit, rolling and cutting out your donuts, letting them rise again, then frying 'em up. The best part is what comes next - the chocolate glaze!

You can go crazy with decorating them for any holiday (or random Tuesday) - whatever floats your boat! I love the pop of color sprinkles give to the donuts.

Make sure you have fresh yeast. If it's been sitting in your fridge or pantry for longer than you can remember, chances are it's no good and it's not going to result in light and airy donuts.

You do not need a deep fryer to fry these donuts. You can use a deep skillet or dutch oven. Be sure to pour the oil into the pot then turn on the burner. Be sure that your oil has reached 365 degrees F before you being frying.

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