Self-Rising Flour Pancakes

There's nothing quite like homemade pancakes for breakfast for brunch on the weekends! This easy recipe makes for fluffy, delicious pancakes. This Self Rising Flour Pancake recipe rivals the very best pancake houses and diners.

Uses simple ingredients to make the very best pancakes

Fluffy pancakes with no need to separate egg whites from egg yolks and whip the whites into soft peaks

If you have a bag of self rising flour in your pantry, this is a great recipe in which to use it. You can also make Self Rising Biscuits!

Milk + white vinegar or lemon juice: Many pancake mixes call for buttermilk. My family prefers the combination of whole milk and vinegar or lemon juice instead. This creates a thinner batter than buttermilk and the taste is a bit more subtle than the tanginess of the buttermilk.

To make this perfect super fluffy pancakes recipe, you'll need either a large frying pan, non stick pan, electric griddle or stovetop griddle.

How do you know when a pancake is cooked on one side? Cook until air bubbles appear on the surface and underside is golden brown. Slide a spatula fully under the pancake and flip quickly. Cook until lightly browned on the other side and no raw batter appears on the sides of the pancakes.

I would recommend adding these add-ins to the pancake batter just after you've scooped the batter onto the griddle. Simply press a few chocolate chips or chunks of fruit into the batter then flip and finish cooking.

Self rising flour pancakes are best served fresh off the hot griddle with a generous drizzle of maple syrup. Add some fresh fruit!