Filled to the max with chocolatey goodness, these cookies are substantial in size and in flavor. Chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, rich cocoa powder - it all combines in this magically rich, brownie-like piece of heaven.

Unsalted butter Dark brown sugar Sugar Eggs Vanilla Unsweetened cocoa Cake flour All-purpose flour Baking soda  Baking powder Salt Semi-sweet chocolate chips White chocolate chips

Stop scrolling if you want a thick and chewy cookie. Once you mix up the batter, you'll see how this is achieved - that batter is super thick!

To achieve this level of cookie greatness, use high quality cocoa powder and high quality chocolate chips, a brand like Guittard.

Two ounces of cookie dough results in a substantial, get-your-chocolate-fix-in-one-cookie size.

Not a fan of white chocolate? You can easily substitute the white chocolate chips for an equal amount of semi-sweet chips or you can substitute them for walnuts or any other kind of nuts.