These Fig Walnut Morning Rolls make for the perfect weekend bake to serve your family. Drizzle with local honey when serving for an extra special touch of goodness.

INGREDIENTS – Milk – Walnuts – Flour – Sugar – Salt – Instant yeast – Salt – Honey – Dried figs – Ground cinnamon

This filling is glorious and such a wonderful alternative to traditional cinnamon rolls. Believe you me, there is nothing wrong with traditional cinnamon rolls! All I'm saying is, if you want to change it up, this is a fantastic recipe to try.

Be sure your yeast is fresh, otherwise the dough will not rise, creating very dense fig walnut morning rolls.

Don't have a scale to weigh the flour? Measure your flour using the spoon and level technique. 

Unfortunately, fresh figs, while gorgeous and so delicious when in season, will not work in this recipe. Fresh figs contain too much water/moisture

Enjoy this fun twist on cinnamon rolls!

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