Wanna create a showstopper for your holiday dessert table? This Puff Pastry Christmas Tree is your ticket to impress this holiday season.

You could certainly make the puff pastry from scratch. However, frozen sheets to work perfectly well and this cuts down tremendously on the amount of time it takes to prepare this dessert.

If you've ever worked with frozen puff pastry before, you'll know it typically comes in a pack of two sheets. This works out well because that's exactly how much we need!

Once you've cut your branches, carefully twist each branch two times and press gently into the baking sheet to stay in place.

Don't forget to brush with melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar to finish it off.

INGREDIENTS Cocoa powder Salt Sugar Vanilla Bittersweet chocolate  Butter Puff pastry Egg yolk Ground cinnamon

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