These Cider Doughnuts are super quick and easy to make, too. No oil needed, no frying needed, just some good ol' fashioned apple cider and lots of love!

The donuts come out piping hot and full of cinnamon sugar and brimming with delicious apple cider flavor. It's heaven on earth!

Making donuts at home doesn't have to be complicated or involve a vat of hot frying oil. Baking donuts cuts out loads of calories and fat, but not the flavor or goodness.

Apple cider reduction is used in two places so that we can be sure that apple cider flavor comes through.

I highly recommend investing in a donut pan for this, and other, baked donut recipes. It’s inexpensive and makes the shape and baking of these donuts come out perfectly!

Wait a few minutes after the donuts are done baking before you top them. You want to be able to handle the donuts while dipping them without burning your hand/fingers!

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