Make Ahead Egg White Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches have never looked this good! Or tasted this fine. Or been this satisfying. And they’re completely gluten-free, too!

Why You'll Love Egg White Breakfast Sandwiches These egg white breakfast sandwiches are what your gluten-free breakfast dreams are made of. It's nice to have a breakfast sandwich to keep on hand for those busy times. 

– Carton of egg whites – Full fat coconut milk – Sea salt – Organic spinach – Spinach  – Gluten Free English Muffins – Cheese slices – Ghee

The recipe makes more than a week’s worth at a time. And they freeze really well.

Cooking the eggs in a 13x9 inch pan produces thicker egg rounds. If you prefer more egg rounds that are also thinner, you can use a baking sheet instead. You should be able to get about 12 egg rounds by using a baking sheet

These hearty healthy sandwiches are delicious and easy to cater to your preferences!