Apple Cider

Baked Donuts

These Apple Cider Donuts are epic Fall treats. Cinnamony and sweet and cakey with just the right amount of apple cider flavor, these baked donuts (yes, baked!) will be the highlight of your Fall season!

They're super quick and easy to make, too. No oil needed, no frying needed, just some good ol' fashioned apple cider and lots of love!


Apple cider Flour Baking powder Salt Ground cinnamon Unsalted butter Dark brown sugar Sugar Eggs Vanilla extract  Sour cream

You'll make an apple cider reduction to be used 2x in this recipe.

Prepare the batter and pipe it into the donut pan.

Once the baked donuts are cool, brush on some more apple cider reduction over the donuts.

Swirl the cinnamon sugar mixture over each donut, then enjoy!