This recipe starts and ends with bourbon cherries. The ice cream base is rich with an ultra creamy texture. And the finished product is topped with graham cracker crumbs mixed with brown butter and brown sugar.

INGREDIENTS – Bing cherries – Sugar – Lemon – Bourbon – Heavy cream  – Sugar – Sea salt – Egg yolks – Cream cheese – Vanilla – Graham crackers – Brown sugar – Salt

This ice cream gets its richness from egg yolks and cream cheese. You will need an ice cream machine to achieve ice cream perfection!

Because of the eggs in this recipe, the ice cream base is cooked to eliminate any possibility of salmonella. Therefore, the ice cream base needs to be chilled thoroughly before churning it. This requires time.

Cherry reduction is used to flavor the cheesecake flavored ice cream. It's a delicious way to use fresh cherries and splash a little bourbon in it as it finishes cooking. 

Use an 8×4 loaf pan, whereas I’ve seen many other recipes call for 9×5. This isn’t the hugest of deals, but my personal preference is to have a taller loaf of banana bread rather than a shorter, denser loaf.

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