Want to know how long fresh watermelon can be stored in the refrigerator before going bad? Read on so you can answer the question 'how long does watermelon last in the fridge'?

If you are planning on eating the watermelon in the next few days after purchasing it, you will want to try to get a ripe one for the best taste and texture.

LOOK FOR THE FIELD SPOT: The exterior appearance of a watermelon can help you determine how ripe it is. The field spot is the point where the watermelon was resting on the ground when it was growing.

THUMP TEST: A ripe melon should make a hollow sound when you knock on the rind, with your fist.

SWEET SCENT: The best way to tell if a watermelon is ripe is by giving the watermelon rind a sniff. A ripe watermelon may have a sweet aroma, as the sweetness from inside permeates through.

COUNTERTOP: When left whole, the shelf life of a watermelon left on the countertop is quite a while! You can typically store the whole fruit at room temperature for about 3 weeks before spoiling.

REFRIGERATOR: Refrigerating is a great way to store watermelon if you need to keep it for a couple of extra days. A whole, unsliced watermelon will also last long in the fridge, about 3-4 weeks. The shelf life dramatically decreases once the watermelon is cut.

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