Marshmallow  Cream


Making your own marshmallow fluff at home helps elevate any layer cake, brownie or whoopie pie recipe. In this recipe, we add freeze-dried strawberries for a delightfully easy recipe that doubles as a filling and frosting.


Strawberries  Water Granulated sugar Light corn syrup Liquid egg whites f Cream of tartar Salt


Homemade marshmallow fluff is also known as homemade marshmallow creme and makes for the best frosting and is way tastier and less artificial tasting than store-bought marshmallow fluff

This can be used as a marshmallow fluff frosting or filling for brownies, chocolate cupcakes, rich chocolate cake, roll cakes, used in marshmallow buttercream frosting or to top any other delicious cakes

Be sure to use egg whites from real eggs and not from a carton otherwise you won't get the lift in the lift in the whipping you want.

The intense delicious flavor that bursts through in this marshmallow fluff comes from using freeze-dried strawberries!

Using cream of tartar helps you to get the egg whites whip up into stiff peaks and create that fluffy texture we are going for.

Use your kitchen torch to toast the marshmallow for a toasted marshmallow filling.

To make the brownie cups pictured below, use this recipe for brownie cups, omitting the chocolate ganache and mint whipped cream. Fill the brownie cups with strawberry marshmallow fluff.

Use the brownie cup recipe below & spread the mixture into a thin layer on a parchment lined pan. Cool then use cookie cutters to cut out shapes.