English Muffin

Sandwich Bread

Looking for the best bread for sandwiches? This English Muffin Loaf is filled with those nooks and crannies and makes for the perfect sandwich or toast.

Bread flour Active dry yeast Salt Sugar Neutral oil Semolina flour

Making the ideal baked bread recipe that’s got a similar texture of english muffins and is ideal as a sandwich, toast or grilled cheese starts with my English muffin dough and cuts out a few steps.

What makes this the best sandwich bread? Plain and simple, it’s those nooks and crannies! Just like in regular english muffins, those nooks and crannies give this bread a unique character and help capture whatever it is you slather on this bread.

The dough for this loaf bread comes together really well using a stand mixer with the dough hook affixed. It does all the kneading for you.

Once the dough is kneaded and smooth, it needs to rest in the fridge overnight Why?  Flavor and fermentation.

This bread bakes up in 25 minutes after it rises the next day. But you have to let it cool completely before cutting into so it doesn't get gummy!