Peppermint and chocolate is such a wonderful flavor combination for the holidays. And this recipe for Hot Cocoa Peppermint Moon Pies takes that classic flavor duo to another level!

Typically moon pies are made with two graham crackers sandwiched with marshmallow filling and enrobed in chocolate. For this twist on the classic moon pie recipe, I took some liberties by incorporating the chocolate into the cookies.

These brownie cookies are soft and super chocolatey, like a warm cup of hot cocoa. They hold up really well to the homemade marshmallow filling, too!

To flavor the marshmallow, both peppermint extract and Peppermint Schnapps are used. Both are needed to deliver the right flavor, but you can go it alone with just the extract if you want to.

Be sure not to pipe or spread the filling all the way to the edge of the cookie. I recommend leaving ½ an inch border so when you sandwich the cookies the filling doesn’t spill out.

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