How To Make Knotted Challah Rolls

I've taken my very best Challah Bread recipe and turned it into mini knotted Challah Rolls. Perfect for sandwiches and your bread basket!

- bread flour - eggs - vegetable oil - instant yeast - sugar  - salt - sesame seeds - everything bagel seasoning

Perfect for making into a sandwich and sharing in your bread basket!

If you've always wanted to learn to make Challah bread, I hope my tutorial helps you gain confidence.

The dough is light and airy and airy with a golden crust. They are so appealing at the holiday table.

This softer yeast bread is produced by an Asian process known as tangzhong.

The braiding process is quite easy but I've broken it down for you. They turn out so pretty to share at a holiday table!

You can make about 10 rolls from each batch of these.

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