Skip the Line at the Bakery!

Flour Baking powder Baking powder Salt Vegetable oil Brown sugar Eggs  Whole milk Sour cream  Semi-sweet chocolate baking bar 

There's nothing quite like a freshly baked bakery-style chocolate chip muffins served warm with a steaming mug of coffee or tea on any given morning. This makes for an ideal way to start your day.

To keep these chocolate chip muffins MOIST, we use a COMBINATION of vegetable oil, milk, and sour cream for added richness.

Want that beautiful dome shaped bakery style muffin?  Starting with a higher than normal baking temperature, baking for a few minutes, than lowering the temperature for the remainder of the baking time helps to create the domed top that captures the bakery style so well.

I recommend using a jumbo muffin pan in which to make these. The recipe does list baking times for both jumbo and standard size muffin pans.

What kind of mix-ins can I add in to these muffins? Chocolate Cherry Muffins - reduce the amount of chocolate  by half and add in fresh cherries or frozen cherries (not thawed).

What kind of mix-ins can I add in to these muffins? White Chocolate Chip Muffins - substitute the chocolate in this recipe for chopped white chocolate. I would recommend using high quality white chocolate baking bars instead of white chocolate chips, as these do not melt well when baked