Blueberry Cake Donuts will fulfill every dream you have of the perfect donut.

DONUTS Unsalted butter Sugar Salt Vanilla Cake flour All purpose flour Baking soda Baking powder Eggs Buttermilk Frozen Blueberries GLAZE Powdered sugar Milk Vanilla Salt

Having the ability to recreate these in a homemade version that's both easy and baked instead of fried has saved me tons of calories (and money!).

This baked blueberry cake donut recipe comes together quickly. The recipe uses both all-purpose and cake flour to achieve a tender, cakey interior for this baked donut.

Once the blueberry donuts are completely cooled, dunk them, top and bottom, into that glaze and allow it to soak in before taking your first bite. The glaze on these donuts provides just the right amount of crisp and complements the cakey interior.

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