Easy Homemade Applesauce

Fall wouldn’t be Fall without making the maximum number of apple recipes manageable. That’s my theory anyway! This easy peasy applesauce recipe is a must-make this season. Hand-picked apples from the farm blended with cinnamon and brown sugar make this homemade applesauce just perfect.

Oh, the many ways you can enjoy applesauce

  • naked, plain, outta the jar, with a spoon
  • warmed up and drizzled over creamy vanilla ice cream
  • stirred into plain greek yogurt with a sprinkling of granola
  • topping or dipping sauce for Hanukkah potato latkes (that’s how I like mine!)
  • lower fat substitute for oil in brownies
  • baked into my Applesauce Cake!

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Applesauce Cake

This is Fall baking at its finest. Apple flavor aplenty in this moist and simple Applesauce Cake. It makes great use of homemade applesauce and makes for the perfect after school snack.

As many home bakers and cooks do, I like to use the flavors and produce of the season as much as possible. I’m still learning a lot about what some of those are, but for Fall I seem to have that season down pat! Apples are my go-to this season with pumpkin a close second. Applesauce is one of my favorites to make – it’s simple and can be easily tailored to one’s preferences for sweetness, tartness, and spice level. Recently, I made a huge batch of applesauce and jarred most of it, keeping some to bake into this delicious applesauce cake.  You gotta give it a try this apple season!

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Easy Double Crumb Crumb Cake

Are you ready for it? Cuz this Double Crumb Crumb Cake will change the way you view this classic cake. The double crumb is as buttery as it can get, sweet and cinnamony and about two-thirds of the cake itself. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Reasons why you’ll love this crumb cake:

  1. Incredibly versatile – it can be breakfast, dessert, and/or a snack. Pairs well with coffee!
  2. Ultra buttery. I mean, c’mon, there’s 4 sticks of butter alone in the crumb topping! Granted, that’s split between two cakes, but still – crazy amounts of butter up in here
  3. It’s easy to make, it keeps well, and can be frozen easily. This is especially helpful because this recipe makes two cakes. One for now, one for later
  4. This classic cake appeals to generations young and old. Those of the earlier generations love the classic crumb cake flavors and those of the later generations love indulging in this cake for lazy weekend breakfasts, plus no fancy schmancy ingredients or flavors

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Homemade Twix Bars

Who doesn’t love the combination of milk chocolate with ooey gooey caramel atop a buttery shortbread cookie?! I don’t know a single soul. Now, it’s easy enough to buy one of these prefab Twix Bars from your neighborhood grocery store, OR you can make your own and wonder why you’ve never done it before now. These homemade Twix bars are easy, the recipe makes a big batch to share with your friends (if you’re into that kind of thing) and they are way better when you make them yourself.

Layers of Goodness

Have I said this already – this recipe is killer! And easy peasy. It’s made in 3 easy layers and requires no fancy ingredients. The cookie layer can honestly stand on its own if you wanted to make some plain buttery shortbread. But, why would you when you can layer on rich, salty caramel then layer on top of that (omg!) sweet milk chocolate. Those Twix bar makers were onto something when they invented this amazing combo of flavors and textures.

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Honey Cake with Goat Cheese Frosting and Figs

Figs + goat cheese + honey = amazing flavor combo! Totally got inspired by the gorgeous figs at the farmers market and the honey from my sister’s own backyard for this one.

I love the idea of using unexpected ingredients like goat cheese in a sweet dish. It provides a bit of tanginess to balance out the sweetness of the honey cake and the figs add seasonal flair and loads of beautiful color to this cake. Just take a look at how beautiful and inviting this looks!

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Peach Jam (Paleo-Friendly)

I’m just over here savoring all the summer fruit goodness August has to offer. Peaches are my jam for sure. If you’re like me and you tend to overdo it at the farmer’s market this time of year, buying up all the fresh, juicy peaches and stone fruit you can get your hands on, then realizing you can’t possibly eat it all, this Peach Jam recipe is your solution.

I can’t help it, I love peaches. And I’m the only one in my family who eats them, so this causes a bit of an issue when I see how many I actually bought versus how many I can actually eat. Instead of doing the unthinkable, aka throwing out summer’s bounty, I found a way to preserve my ripe peaches in the form of jam. Most importantly, the best part is this peach jam is not loaded with sugar and pectin like so many recipes out there. Besides that, this peach jam is paleo-friendly, has just the right amount of sweetness, and allows me to prolong my love for all things stone fruit for quite a bit longer.

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Brown Butter Blondies with Salted Caramel Buttercream

I’m totally hopping on the salted caramel trend AND the brown butter trend in a big way with these Brown Butter Blondies with Salted Caramel Buttercream. I mean, c’mon, these are amazing! The nuttiness of the brown butter, the salty sweetness of the buttercream, and the chocolatey chunks of the blondies – how could you go wrong?

As you probably know by now, I’m a big fan of desserts that are uncomplicated and satisfy my insatiable sweet tooth. These blondies meet that criteria and more. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a few components to these bites of deliciousness, but they are worth every bit of extra effort you’ll put in – and each of the components are so uncomplicated.  Believe me. You’ll want to make these again and again. And eat them again and again.

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S’mores Truffles

S’mores. Summer. They just go together. There’s no denying the chemistry. It’s a match made in heaven and one I like to celebrate on the regular. These s’mores truffles take the quintessential combo of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow and turn them into one helluva bite.

I’m not going to lie, these s’mores truffles are hard to stop eating. They’re like potato chips: it’s hard to just eat one. But why should you be denied another one?! I give you permission to indulge and enjoy as many as you possibly can. And to come back tomorrow for more chocolate and graham cracker and marshmallowy goodness. Yummmmmm-o.

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Fruity Pebbles Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

These take me right back to when I was eight years old. That iconic sugary, fruity crunch of Fruity Pebbles. The milk left behind was one of my favorite parts! Lo and behold, I found a way to use the cereal and the cereal milk to make amazing cookies. Now you can get all the sugary goodness in cookie form – what could be better than that?!

Remember when you used to beg your parents for sugary breakfast cereals like Fruity Pebbles and they’d repeatedly say no because, well, as they explained ‘there’s no nutritional value’ and ‘they’re loaded with sugar’ and ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you need fuel for your day, not a bowl full of sugar.’ Well, now MY kids are begging me for Fruity Pebbles and the like ALL. THE. TIME. I gave in. They each ate one bowl. Then I was left with a mostly full box of Fruity Pebbles. So what did I do, besides tell them I’m never again listening to their whining and complaining for food items in the grocery store? I made them into cookie deliciousness! You must check these bad boys out.

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Kickass BBQ Sauce

Ahhhhh summer… It’s all about the grilling for me this time of year. I just love being outside and cooking. And, this Kickass BBQ Sauce takes grilling to the next level! It’s flavorful, smoky, tangy and has just the right amount of kick to it. You’re gonna love every bite.

What makes this BBQ sauce so awesome:

  • It comes together really quickly
  • You can use it on everything grilled
  • It keeps for a long while in your fridge
  • It has just the right amount of kick

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