Sofit & Fluffy  CHALLAH BREAD

Excited to dive into making a perfectly light and airy loaf of challah?

.The It's just like the store-bought versions, only better.

A rich  golden crust!

Perfectly soft and airy inside.

To achieve this perfection, we use an Asian method of creating a flour paste out of cooked flour and water called tangzhong. This technique produces softer yeast breads - exactly what we want in a challah.

The longer you work on becoming a baker, the more you hear, "weigh your dry ingredients". This is so important so we don't overmix our ingredients with additional flour and dry it out. 

For this challah bread recipe, it is not recommended that you flour your kneading surface. This is because friction is needed to roll and braid the ropes of bread dough.

When rolling out the 4 strands of dough for this challah recipe, taper the ends of all the ropes. This helps you create ends that are less bulky. Bulky ends may also require more baking time which could result in overbaking of the rest of your loaf

Rather than baking your challah bread on a single baking sheet, nest two baking sheets inside of one another to keep the bottom of the loaf from getting too dark or burnt

Follow along the quick video tutorial to learn how to achieve the beautiful braiding that Challah bread is known for!